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Millefleur dinner plate

A magnificent bone china dinner plate handcrafted in England.

Created by hand, the wood engraved design is made up of miniature scenes, which on closer look reveal charming eccentricity, and whimsical details. Take time to admire the dancing dragonfly, brave lion and comtemplative cricket.

Produced in Stoke-on-Trent, the historic center of fine bone china, using traditional techniques, the plate is finished with a hand-painted blue rim. A contemporay yet timeless design, it is sure to entrance your dinner guests.

The Details

— 27cm diameter
— Bespoke design created by traditional wood engraving
— Silk screen printed pattern with hand-painted rim & handle
— 100% made in England

Millefleur Collection

The Millefleur Collection is a new collaboration between Kinship Press and Xavier Britain, the luxury British tableware specialists. Created by hand using the ancient medium of wood engraving, this enchanting pattern is inspired by Renaissance 'millefleur' tapestries and the symbolism, flora and fauna of the British Isles.


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